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Rachel, the founder

Poolside is a project I've been dreaming about for a long time. As co-owner of Aquapro, a swimming school, I spend literally every day in swimwear. Many Quebec companies have launched beachwear lines, but few have launched swimwear collections, at least for my taste. It was while thinking of all these more beach-specific swimwear companies that the idea for the name Poolside came to me. I really wanted to create something specific to swimming and for all those who choose the "pool side".




Special features of the swimsuits

When I finally decided to launch Poolside, I had my first model very specific in mind: I wanted it to be super simple, open in the back with wide straps and obviously comfortable.

I really feel that my swimsuits stand out from other swimsuits on the market, especially in terms of comfort. After several trials, I decided to double the swimsuit with the same fabric rather than add a thin, less comfortable lining.

The fabric I used for the first two collections was a recycled nylon treated to be resistant to chlorine, salt and UV rays. However, starting with the Fall 2021 collection, I've switched to OEKO-TEX-certified 100% polyester, because it turns out to be the most chlorine-resistant fabric.



The older I get, the more aware I am of the ecological footprint each individual leaves behind. That's why every decision is taken with consideration and with the idea of remaining as eco-responsible as possible. The fabric's OEKO-TEX certification guarantees superior quality and is validated as being free from harmful substances. The quality and longevity of the fabric have been taken into account to ensure that your jersey lasts as long as possible.

Packaging is also biodegradable and only the necessary labels are used.